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About Body Maxx

Fitness is the first step in preventive medicine. It has become commonplace over the past decade for doctors to recommend a regular exercise program for their patients to supplement their treatment or recovery process. This is primarily due to the fact that the contemporary lifestyle is more sedentary, stressful, and less physically active for many individuals. However, doctors have limited knowledge in prescribing the appropriate exercise programs that will aid the recovery of specific medical conditions.

Unlike other gyms, BODY MAXX Exclusive Training Center is a full fitness facility that offers their clients a true fitness education. Every client receives a personal consultation by one of the BodyMaxx trainers, and is given a complete nutritional and body composition analysis before receiving a personalized diet and exercise program based on their goals and past exercise history. Each program is regularly reviewed and updated to get maximum results, depending on the member's progress. There are also certified personal trainers close at hand at all times to assist them with their exercises. It is almost as if the members have their own personal trainer without the added cost of hiring one. Most gyms expect their members to already know what exercises they should do and how to use the machines; otherwise they are expected to hire their own personal trainer in addition to paying their membership dues. This can be expensive, but BODY MAXX Exclusive Training Center is the perfect remedy to all of these problems.
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Our highly-skilled staff keeps in close contact with the client's physicians, and then teaches the client the appropriate steps in order to maximize their health. It could be as simple as improving posture to regulating blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels, preventing osteoporosis, weight loss/gain, or improving cardiovascular capacity. As a follow-up, the clients' diet and exercise program is updated on a regular basis and then sent to their physician. On occasion, people come to BODY MAXX Exclusive Training Center not having seen a physician for many years. If necessary they will be referred to a physician and may be asked to take a blood test after a complete physical analysis.

The bottom line is -- doctors want their patients to be healthy, and BODY MAXX Exclusive Training Center fulfills their wishes while also improving their client's physical appearance and self-confidence. Body Maxx is a workout club as well as a private training center. We set up goals for our clients, such as gaining muscle, losing weight, or just remaining fit, and then we achieve those goals. We provide our members with knowledge and support by supervising them and teaching them proper techniques; our rigorously trained staff is there to help with any needs or questions.